High Performance Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray Foam Application Services in Ituna

L.S. Spraytek Solutions Inc. offers comprehensive spray foam services for various applications in Saskatchewan. Contact us today or continue reading below to learn more.

spray foam insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Our Polyurethane spray foam is 2lb closed cell Foamsulate Eco. By expanding to fill every crack and crevice, Foamsulate Eco stops air leakage.

specialty coatings

Specialty Coatings

L.S. Spraytek Solutions Inc. offers specialty coatings for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. Our spray foam’s unique properties allow us to use it for just about anything that requires a controlled environment when it comes to humidity, temperature and sound. We also offer 3 lb. roofing foam for all your metal roofs also flat roofs which include BUR & SBS torch along with acrylic and silicone coatings.

polyurethane spray foam

Polyurethane Spray Foam

Our Polyurethane spray foam is 2lb.closed cell Foamsulate Eco. It has achieved Type 2 status, this is Canada's classification for spray foams who meet the highest criteria for long term thermal resistance. Foamsulate Eco is bio based and uses polyols containing soyoil, corn oil, castor oil, and sugar. Spray foam reduces energy bills up to 40%or higher. Foamsulate Eco will not sag, shrink or deteriorate. It stays in place providing value year after year. Spray foam adds structural strength, which means 3 times greater racking strength. Spray foam has a higher R-Value and better performance than traditional insulation, because it stops air leaks that can reduce R-Values by 25-40%.By expanding to fill every crack and crevice. Foamsulate Eco stops air leakage in and out, and prevents pollutants ,dust and allergen infiltration, also keeps rodents from entering ,keeping them outside where they belong.

residential commercial spray foam

Residential & Commercial

Spray foam will increase the efficiency in heating and cooling your investment whether it be your home, commercial building, agricultural or industrial building.

Training and Certification

Foamsulate Eco is exclusively applied by licensed applicators who have been trained to CAN/ULC 705.2 the standard for thermal insulation Spray applied Polyeurathane Foam. We also keep on top with the latest technology of products and training.

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